11011Research Blvd #200  Austin, TX 78759

                                  Walk ins welcome!

                               We can NOW WORK WITH A FELONY or MISDEMEANOR!!

We can work with ANY FELONY AND MISDEMEANOR no matter how recent except for making, selling drugs within five years of the end of probation and we can never work with a sex crime, other than that we can work with anything else no matter how recent.  These are NICE apartments all over the Austin Area. You do need income of 3 times the rent and you can not have any rental debt.

                                        Please do not ASSUME THAT WE CAN NOT HELP!

Searching for an apartment in Austin TX can be very frustrating when dealing with a criminal background issue such as felonies or misdemeanors, 95% of the apartments may not accept then no matter how old they are, but do not worry and stop losing your money!  call us!  we can help!

                                                      (512) 291-7368
                                                                    We WILL help you find a great place to live.
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