A Misdemeanor or Felony can make renting an Austin Apartment tough, unless you know where to go!

      Is It POSSIBLE to find a NICE APARTMENT If I have had a FELONY or MISDEMEANOR ?

Yes, its possible - if you KNOW WHERE TO LOOK! - There are APARTMENTS that are willing to             GIVE SECOND CHANCES - Depending on the charge and how long since the incident 

                                          I CAN FIND YOU A PLACE 


We HELP PEOPLE GET A SECOND CHANCE that NEED ONE - if you have made mistakes in your past and now need a second chance to find a place to live - and intend to make a BETTER                            FUTURE for you and your family - CALL ME - Rob Grogan   (512) 944-7368

                   Austin Apartments and criminal history (felony or misdemeanor) update!!

Apartment Spys originated 7 years ago, since them I have MANY MANY More apartments that will work with past criminal history including felonies or misdemeanors, they DO NOT ADVERTISE THIS!

Apartment spys is now affialiated with Apartments HERE! Our office is located in Northwest Austin at 11011 Research Blvd #200, Austin TX 78759  Please feel free to stop in for a few questions anytime, NO APPOINTMENT NEEDED!

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                                             We WILL help you find a great place to live.
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